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Inspired by the intricately carved Meerschaum Pipes in my grandfathers pipe collection, Meerschaum the parfum is a rich penetrating essence dominated by a bold green tobacco note.


Dominant Notes Include: Tobacco Absolute, Lavender Absolute, Chamomile, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Oakmoss Absolute, Green Tea, Green Apple Tincture, Rosewood, Rectified Birch, Benzoin, Vanilla, Tonka Bean




Batch Notes:  1kilo. This latest version 11/22 is a bit more earthy than the pervious.  This is a result of a new supply of materials, Lavender Absolute, Tobacco Absolute primarily. No changes were made to the formula. VERY LOW STOCK


Review Notes:I feel I found an approximation of what I imagine the smell of levanter to be like in Liz Zorn's Meerschaum. It smells minerally, earthy, untamed. Marina from Perfume Smellin' Things