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A unique take on the floral with herbal notes set against osmanthus and tuberose. A truly unique fragrance. Uplifting and comforting.


Notes (smells like)

Opening: Basil, Spices, Spearmint,

Heart: Osmanthus, Tuberose, Copaiba Balsam

Finish: Guaicwood,, Styrax, Vanilla Bean Tincture


eau de parfum

cruelty free - vegan - plant based


Micro Batched: Limited supply based on available of materials.

Batch Notes: New batch 7.23. No changes have been made. Micro: 0.5 kilos.


Perfumers Notes: This is one of my favorite perfumes to create and wear. It was inspired by my interest in Marco Polo and his exotic adventures (true or otherwise).

I love the idea of adventure, and realize that time and vicarious imaginings add little extras and embellishments to stories. Yet for me the story of Marco Polo is so magical and precious, something we could use a lot more of these days. Good magic!


  • All Sales Are Final. We Suggest Ordering Samples Prior To Full Size Purchase If Unsure, As We Do Not Accept Returns On Products Once They Have Left Our Facility.

    We provide small trial size samples of our products for purchase on our website. It is encouraged that customers not familiar with our brand try a small sample first before purchasing larger full size bottles.

    For all info about our brand see :TERMS OF SERVICE

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