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Jazz Trio #1 is from the first collection. It dates back to the late 1990's and was included in our 2002 launch.
Made with real Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute.

This is the original formula. It has been aged for several months, and is a rich jasmine perfume with a citrus lift and a touch of spice. 


Notes (smells Like) 

Opening: Red Mandarin, Boronia Absolute

Heart : Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Galangal (spice) Root

Finish: Sandalwood Mysore (aged) Ambrette Seed (musk) Benzoin Resin, Vanilla Bean Tincture


extrait de parfum

cruelty free - vegan - plant based


Perfumers Note: Inspired by the music of Zephyr's Sunset Rider and the late songstress Candy Givens

JAZZ TRIO #1 (Sunset Rider)

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