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New For Fall

This is the time of year when things get a bit strange. Cool winds whipping around, leaves falling from trees and darkness.

If it were not for the eternal darkness I would love these later months. A perfect day for me is mid 70's light breeze and sunny skies. I could go even lower on the temps as long as the sun is shining.

Today is one of those perfect days here in the valley and I am getting my work done before going for a walk down to the pines. On a more ambitious day I would trek down to the river.

So what's new..

Acousticjus: the little brand that could, but got sidetracked, is back online. I have been working it out with these oils. Most things that were available at the studio are now available here. I still need to get the solids restocked and update the Stellar Essence body oils to include a few more titles, but overall the transition from my studio to web has gone well.

The Oud Unguents are now online as well.

New from Soivohle

Many of the newer titles in our soivohle line will be in an eau de parfum concentration. These include a newly reworked CIRCA 1969



The discounts for rewards points have been updated to include more tiers. We are not currently offering subscription boxes, but these rewards points are the next best way to receive new products at a discount. For every dollar spent you receive 1 point. The more points you accumulate, the greater discount you are eligible to receive.

There is one catch however. You have to use them.

If you are a subscriber, and a repeat customer, check on your points status. It may surprise you.

As always, Thank You for your continued support. Liz

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