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We are updating the members area and Loyalty Points Program. The loyalty points (rewards) have been paused as of yesterday, June 28th.

As the points keep stacking up, people seem not to be all that interested in using them. Even when they are placing new orders.

Instead we are reverting back to our EVERYDAY SAVINGS campaign of offering tiered discounts according to order size. They are automatic at checkout, and work even if you have a coupon from another campaign.

We will be sending out coupons to members who still had rewards points in their accounts. The coupons will reflect the same savings as the points.

The customers area has also been updated with a cleaner format and readable text. As we are in the middle of re-vamping our website and updating our bottle style, we have removed the subscriptions link from the members area. Temporary.

Subscriptions do require a sign-up. So the automatic link was as bit confusing to some members who were not using that service.

We do not have the ability (in the customers area) to only show the link to subscribers. If a customer is not subscribed, the link will redirect to a page that states that said customers does not have any subscriptions.

All of the services that we offer (like subscriptions) must be initiated by the customer, and approved by the customer, as they require a payment method.

We do not add anyone to a service who has not signed up.

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