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Happy Birthday Virginia

I am thinking that she would not care for all the fuss.

It has been a long road for me and Virginia. Today is the launch date for



A classic fougere with both the floral and herbal attributes of orange blossom paired with the depth of absolute lavender and geranium, anchored by the richness moss and woods with just enough darkness to tie it all together. 


NOTES (smells like)

OPENING: Bergamot, Sweet Fennel, Petitgrain Sur Fleurs, Dark Orange

HEART: French Lavender Absolute, Cardamom, Geranium Rose, Coumarin

FINISH: Moss, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Benzoin, Liquidambar, Musk

Perfumers Notes: Freedom of The Mind is an olfactory interpretation of  my painting of the same name. From the Woolf Series, inspired by an old copy of the Virginia Woolf book: A Room of Ones Own. The paintings are collaged renderings that incorporate pages from the book.

It is said that Virginia did not care for perfume.

Yes there have been musings in regards to her writing about flowers etc. but none of that diminished (in any way) the original statement.

I could imagine that if Virginia, in a statement of fact declared her disdain for perfume. She only needed to say it once. 

My approach was to create a perfume containing notes of flowers that did not smell like flowers. Petigrain from the orange blossom and stems, Geranium Leaves, Lavender. All of which pushed the composition into a clean, herbal and green space.

Herbal and green, with character and a touch of warmth. Something that I could imagine Virginia appreciating in an un-perfume sort of way and at the same time linking that thought to my painting and the title. Freedom of The Mind. 

Disclosure: Contains a small amount of synthetics. Less than 3% of formula, not including carrier. 

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