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Big Changes

Our stand alone Soivohle site is now the hub for Liz Zorn parfums. Being that we offer selections from all of our scent collection in the Atelier, it is becoming a drag to send people off with two or even three different biz cards for three different websites just for perfumes. Confusing, yeah I get that. Not worth the hassle. That too.

There is no easy fix for the biz as a whole. Most people who come here (online) for perfume are not (also) looking for fine art or even graphic design.

But there's the rub. Providing easy access to everything online can be a bit overwhelming, and yes I am a workaholic..... and yes there is a bit of everything in the physical space.

With the atelier/studio being open more thru the week, perfume sales have been increasing and the interest has been across the board.

Hopefully this will make things a tad easier for for you and us and everyone who leaves the studio with our info in hand.

Cheers and Happy Spring. I am a summer kinda gal, so bring on the sun and fun...

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