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From the beginning the mission has been to create interesting things. Off the beaten path, quirky, a bit odd and not always in line with the status quo. To merge the techniques of old world perfumery with those of modern natural perfume making.

Time has changed the mission. Today it is more about clarity, simplicity and moving beyond the old ways, the complicated over the top ways, to a style of perfume making that speaks to the future rather than the past. 

Always respecting the past, but not feeling obligated to repeat it.




I am an artist first. My vision has always been to create for myself, stand back and see where it lands. This approach takes me in many directions, but always comes full circle, one way or another. It's not good to push a thing. Too hard, too fast. It tends to fall apart and that is not the goal. The goal is  to let the work breathe and keep moving forward, Always..

Liz Zorn/Artist-Perfumer


Scentual Artistry Perfume Studio: 2010 Cincinnati


Art Studio 2023


I have been a painter my entire life and divide my time between my art career and perfumery.

When I started working seriously with scent back in the early 1990's it was as an Olfactory Artist, creating scent art installations and experimental ephemera. More of a provocateur, a scrappy contrarian. Nothing like the stylized world of high fashion perfumery.  I have never really fit in there, which turns out to be a lucky break for me. People have not expected me to fit in, and that has been the best thing. 

With the sense of smell being so connected to experience, I am surprised that perfumery was not always considered a high art and open to rebelliousness,  interpretation and experimentation. But here we are now. Better late than never.


ezKatt was an early pseudonym, that I used for all of my print and design work and sometimes painting, but less so. In the past couple of years I have pulled it out of the ash bin and started creating a new line of photo/digital based works inspired by Beanie my cat.  A fierce little guy who was born with more than his share if disabilities, we have been working our way through life together for the past fifteen years. 
Along the way I have added a few more cats to the portfolio and will likely add more. These designs and products are an homage to Beanie as well as the years of cat rescue and amazing felines who have taken up space in my heart and home. 

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